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Richard E. Rauh Conservatory

Richard E. Rauh Conservatory

Our Philosophy

Musical Theater is a collaborative art. Acting, Dance and Voice combine to form this truly American art form. The "art" is in the ability to combine all three disciplines. We believe that these skills are best tested by practical application in performance. Our program is unique in that it supplies year-round performance opportunities to students of the Conservatory.

Our Mission

The Richard E. Rauh Conservatory is dedicated to providing high quality training in dance, acting, voice and musical theater studies in a safe, supportive, professional atmosphere.

Our Faculty

The faculty of the Richard E. Rauh Conservatory is made up of professional performers, directors, choreographers and educators. Several of our instructors are Pennsylvania certified teachers. Though their backgrounds and experiences are diverse, they are united in providing the highest quality training in a supportive atmosphere. Our dedicated and caring faculty and staff members are among the best in the region.

Current Faculty

  • Ira Cambric
  • Megan Connelly
  • Sarah Everhart
  • Jane Gargaro
  • Dr. Ken Gargaro
  • Michael Greer
  • Renee Irwin
  • Betsy Lawrence
  • Emily Lynne Miller
  • Deana Muro
  • Joe Pedulla
  • Colleen Petrucci
  • Lindsay Pascuzzi
  • Lisa Elliott
  • Scott Sambuco
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Robert Stull
  • Kathy Wayne
  • Leah Zahner

Richard E. Rauh Conservatory

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